Project Save Our Surf Proves That Some NFTs Can Create A Greener Planet

Project Save Our Surf Proves That Some NFTs Can Create A Greener Planet

NFTs are a new, innovative, yet mostly confusing new form of currency that is taking the world by storm. However, you don’t need to be an NFT expert to understand how nonprofits like The Green Girls and Project Save Our Surf are using these NFTs for good. Tanna Frederick, actress and founder of Project Save Our Surf, is using the NFT as a collaborative, women-centered effort to raise money for environmental conservation. 

You may recognize Frederick from her portrayal of Denise in the film South of Hope Street, but behind the screen, she is passionate about her work for environmental justice, fundraising, and conservation. She founded her non-profit, Project Save Our Surf (PSOS), as a nod to surfers and their connection to the ocean and the environment. Frederick claims that surfers are the “true stewards of the ocean” and have witnessed first-hand how human behaviors can have a greater impact on the environment. From collecting plastic in their wetsuits to swimming past sick seals, surfers are the eyewitnesses to these changes in the environment. PSOS is not an organization exclusively for surfers, but instead recognizes the history of surfers in their relationship to the ocean. 

PSOS has focused on making conservation fun, hoping more people will want to participate in environmental initiatives if the effort sprouts from a supportive community. PSOS is most known for their beach cleanups and now, more recently, their NFTs. Many nonprofits and organizations are exploring the NFT space for fundraising and donations. PSOS partnered with The Green Girls for this fundraiser, founded by Apple Levy. Levy created a vibrant, colorful, yet elegant photo series for the project which includes women from various backgrounds in front of lush environments with adorable animals. This NFT was designed with not only the environment in mind but also women’s empowerment. 

Currently, only 5-15% of women own or are creators or founders of collections of NFTs. Yet, the NFT space is a perfect way for women to create art in an environment that supports equality. Frederick claims “the space is anonymous, decentralized, and many women are utilizing their art to create an organization for female empowerment, awareness, mental health issues, or as we are environmental initiatives”. Frederick says the NFT space is something she feels very comfortable in, as people are willing to be collaborative, creative, and think outside the box. 

The Green Girls and PSOS’ NFT collaboration is also conscious of their environmental footprint, naturally. The NFT, named PSAWSG² NFT, will have a lower carbon footprint than most. The NFT is located in the Polygon, as opposed to the Ethereum network. Additionally, 33% of the initial sale, as well as 50% of secondary sales royalty, will be donated towards marine wildlife and ocean conservation. The Green Girls also plan to plant five trees for every NFT purchased, equating to about 110 pounds of CO2 absorbed per year for each NFT. 

For Tanna Frederick, the future looks bright in her conservation efforts and her personal career. Frederick plans to continue using NFTs if the launch of this collection goes well. Project Save Our Surf also has a variety of different events and activities coming up later in the year. PSOS will be heading back to the Ben Tre district, a continuation of a previous project that implements and maintains freshwater filters in villages that did not previously have access to freshwater beforehand. On top of her activism, Frederick plans to continue acting. Frederick is currently working with playwright Gina Russell Tracey on a project called “Permafrost”, which is an ecological, one-woman show. The show is a way in which Frederick can blend her passion for acting with her interests in environmental activism. 

Frederick is using her creativity and passions to spark a new era of fundraising. While the NFT terrain can be intimidating, it is encouraging to know that the digital art created can be used to make a global impact.

By investing in PSAWSG² NFT, you are not only saving the planet but also supporting women empowerment. 

The PSAWS G² NFT is available to purchase on Customers will need a 45 Matic to Mint one.

To learn more about Project Save Our Surf, visit their website


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