Grapeswap- A Decentralized Based On Staking, Farming, And Gamified Rewards


Any ERC-20 token (including liquidity pool tokens) or most existing proximity tokens might be handled by the Grapeswap Pool platform tokens, which means the platform can read and convert balances of names, characters, and decimal places, and addresses. Any location can request transportation. All of the functionalities listed are part of the ERC-20 standard, which is planned to contain some new NFT Grapeswap coins of Lidia finance.


Auctions are a great method for members of the community to sell and buy tokens without having to rely on several exchanges for liquidity. This strategy generates a heated bidding war among Grapeswap locals. By entering the contract address of a specific token or picking from a predefined list of tokens, anybody may start a token auction. Each auction is limited to 72 hours, with the option to withdraw or postpone the offer for another 72 hours.

By choosing Claim at the end of the auction, the victorious bidder can claim his winnings. Pay using BNB and receive your token after the winning transaction is authorized. The bidder can resume trading or withdraw the token if the winner decides not to proceed.

Auction Process

The auction may be considered as a temporary lock for some platform networks, according to smart contracts, which are created and triggered by platform administrators to establish time, fee, and default cost parameters. Users create auctions by locking a token for sale at a cheaper price for a limited time. After each bid is received by a different user, the price of the bid increases (s). At the end of the auction, the successful bidder must begin the final purchase of the winning offer. The steps of the auction are depicted as we discussed.


Grape Luck, Joker, Grape Moment, and Grape Slot are the four prizes available in the GrapeWop ecosystem. Each award is unique and needs participants to engage in a certain activity. Deposit fees for Single Token and LP Token contracts range from 1% to 5% per contract.

In the Grape Fortune and Joker reward procedure, these gathered tokens (JULD, CAKE, ADA, and so on) will be repaid. Set partners must be qualified for each reward mechanism, such as investment, withdrawal, sharing, warehouse withdrawal, and a certain amount of inclusion tokens. Grape Moment and Grape Slots are awarded Grapeswap tokens when they finish the same type of activity.

Grapenopoly- play to earn + NFT + Metaverse Game

Grapenopoly is an NFT play game service with earning. This process works as, when you play games you will earn. This is a way for people to earn a passive income. After playing and earning coins (properties), you can also buy and sell that. It will also help you to earn more. Get more info on Grapenopoly.


Grape-up coins that adhere to the ERC-20 standard are mineable (the network distribution contract can be expanded by the owner/administrator).

They may be exchanged on exchanges or utilized directly as value tokens, notwithstanding their use in pools as performance tokens. The platform token purchasing option is initially available to users.


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