Got $100? This Coin Is Great Picks to Buy Right Now

Got $100 This Coin Is Great Picks to Buy Right Now

Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting innovation in the investment world. Some people may be unaware of cryptocurrency’s new and innovative opportunities, leading them to miss out on great opportunities. One great opportunity that some investors may want to consider is investing in coins offered by TORG.

TORG is one of the fastest-growing utilimeme cryptocurrencies that have a lot to offer as a platform for building decentralized applications. This makes it the perfect choice for a crypto investor in the crypto world as it provides many options and features to the investor.

It’s a popular cryptocurrency and has a big community. It’s a great first step into the world of cryptocurrency if you’re just starting out.

Why Buy TORG Coins?

The first benefit is that you can buy TORG coins at a low price and then sell them for more later on. Buying TORG coins also allows you to diversify your investments. This makes it easier for investors to protect themselves from drastic volatility swings. The final benefit is that you can make easy money by investing in TORG coins.

You can see the above graph collected from Nomics, which shows that TORG market price is rising consistently. So If you have some capital to invest, then you can go for TORG without any hesitation.

Still, if you are confused, then take a mathematical analysis that will show if you purchase TORG coin worth 100$ what you will profit-

The 100$ Investment analysis

On 22th october The open cost per unit TORG coin is $0.002508, so one can get 39,872.408 coins for 100 American dollars if he could manage to purchase. The minimum price above the open price came to $0.002242. If he or she could sell the coins at this price, his benefit could be nearly 89.4 bucks, which is 89.4% of his total investment, and it is the least profit that one could make.

On the other hand, if he could sell the 39,872.408 coins at the utmost price of 0.002702 bucks per unit, he could have 107.7 bucks or 107.7% of his total investment. It shows that if a person purchases units at the open price of 100 bucks, he can easily get more than 107 bucks benefit from just investing 100 bucks.

Let’s consider when the price was below the open price of that currency. Most wise investors make any purchase of anything when the price is at the bottom. On 28th September, the price was at the lowest ever. Consider 0.001833 bucks was the least price (the least price is even lower than this value) a person could get. For investing 100 bucks, he could get 54,555.37 units of the coin. 

On 22¬nd October, the lowest price per unit was 0.002296 bucks at 10 am, and the highest price was 0.002757 bucks at 4 pm. If he or she sold the total coins at the lowest price, he could get 125.259 bucks, and at the peak price, he could get 150.409 bucks. This means he or she could make 25% to 50% profit within 6 hours except for any physical effort. 

Final Verdict

It requires the eyesight of a hawk, decent prediction, and taking steps at the right moment. Here you have seen that one can easily make 25-50% even more profit in a day. That’s why investing in TORG is so beneficial. Moreover, being an utili meme, you can easily make use of TORG units. We advise you to make any decision after you have researched the market and understand the situation.


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