Forget Dogecoin, Buy TORG instead

Forget Dogecoin, Buy TORG instead

Why should I not take Dogecoin as a reliable Cryptocurrency than a newer currency TORG? There should be some authentic reason for which we should shift from Dogecoin to TORG. For that, we have to understand the actual contribution of it towards global utility. Doesn’t it sound unique? So, how about switching from a meme coin to Utilimeme? Yes, we will tell you the difference between them here today.

Forget Dogecoin, Buy TORG instead

Being a general user, Dogecoin and TORG may seem like similar cryptocurrencies with borderless and bankless transaction opportunities. But, fundamentally, both of them are not the same. They have been invented to serve different purposes and intentions. TORG is a sustainable, decentralized and utility-focused coin. Whereas Doge was created as a Joke Coin. So, let’s have an open discussion between these.

From A Joke To Cryptocurrency

With a stable market value and increasing demand for Dogecoin, it has better acceptance to people. But how does it start? First launched as a Meme Coin to attract user attention out of fun, it gradually achieved some value as a digital currency. With a broader view to supersede Bitcoin, it started its journey but has faced several acceptance issues. From its initiation, it took around 6 years to reach its $80 billion brands.

As we know, Dogecoin was made to poke the other cryptocurrencies worldwide but accidentally gained some value. Among them, feedback from Elon Musk was a huge rise in their price. But from the view of utility? There is no use case for it to people. It is just like another cryptocurrency that comes with no control from banks or any authority.

But why are we talking about TORG then? TORG is not a conventional cryptocurrency. It is a utility coin! Doesn’t that sound different? Yes, it is not just a meme coin. This coin is a next-generation utility-focused coin. It is a Meme coin with Utility at the core. It is a mission-driven and utility-focused coin that you can use for your regular use.

Why is TORG different?

When the developers developed the TORG coin, they thought about something new that people would benefit from. So, they thought of developing a coin that will work as a utility coin that you can use for daily uses along with the meme coin features to buy-sell or get payment in TORG. The dream about TORG is beyond the use of other cryptocurrencies.

So, how will it work? You will be able to send TORG to your son, who is studying abroad. It could be his expenditure over there. Not only this, if you want to contribute to the poor, you can use TORG. You can even use it as a store of value and keep it as your investment. This virtual coin is made for the betterment and usability of poor and marginalized people. So, being the first Utilimeme, TORG going has brought a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry.

But, will it be able to handle the supply and demand ratio? When there are limitations of each meme coin, TORG has a total supply of 777 billion coins. On the other hand, Dogecoin has a total supply of 131.4 billion on the date September 23, 2021. TORG is bridged in different blockchains to adjust any users, from Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and many more networks.

So, managing and handling TORG will be a problem! The fact is No. It is already working with different wallets like Coinbase, Trustwallet, Metamask and other wallets working with Ethereum, Solana; Polygon networks are also operational now. The present price of TORG is  $0.002567 on the date October 26, 2021. According to different sources, the price in the last 15 days is going higher gradually and has a sustainable rise. You will face no trouble buying and handling TORG anymore through wallets. 

Last few words

So, it might be helpful for you to choose the better coin between Dogecoin and TORG now. You need two things, better sustainability and usability, where TORG is one step forward. So, switching to TORG will bring you independence in the cryptocurrency industry. Wish you a great future with cryptocurrencies. 


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