Why Are Crypto Investors Talking About TORG?

Why Are Crypto Investors Talking About TORG

At present, the concept and the usages of cryptocurrency have become a common issue. But most of the currencies are not for utility, and they are mostly meme currencies. Yes, it is true that many people are investing in meme currencies to a greater extent. But the utility of these currencies is not that much, and as a result new meme currency comes, and the old one ceases its growth.

By understanding the necessities of a utility-based cryptocurrency, the birth of TORG occurred. Its speciality is a utilimeme that focuses on the utilities of a cryptocurrency. It is utilimeme because it serves both the meme and utility of real life.

Torg Wants To Be Too Legit To Quit

TORG works based on conflicting premises of regulation and decentralisation, sustainability and independence, anonymity and security audited by Certik.

Decentralisation is the essence of blockchain, and it means a currency is beyond the reach of banks and its cryptography owner(s).

There is a strong case to incorporate decentralisation in cryptocurrencies, but that requires more than just cryptocurrency software development. It includes building sustainable checks and balances into the software and the rules that governs it.

It is easy to see that the recent meme coins launched are focused on gaining rapid projection in a very keen investment, read speculative, environment rather than user-friendliness, which at present has become an important issue.

This decentralised system has neither a main controlling system nor central leadership (reach of any bank or government, or central repository of information) where the community (consisting of only the users) will make any decision and take charge, and here infinite access is possible.

TORG was released on 20th July 2021, and then the total, as well as the max supply of TORG, was 777 billion, having the current circulating supply of 100%.

A complete distribution (100 percent) is made to the current markets out of all the supplies available for creating a transparent, cheat less and fair order placement for all the users.

Even the Issuer, TORG Associates, Marketers, Developers and all other teams can only get the TORG from the open markets, like an average user. It will ensure its transparency and trustworthiness. Due to this transparency, nobody can cheat or do something illegal or harmful for anyone.

TORG’s speciality comes from the fulfilment of its concept as a decentralised currency is founded on the conscious balancing of the naturally conflicting but desirable characteristics of decentralisation, security, sustainability, and usability.

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, it prioritises security, decentralisation, sustainability, and usability, almost by design. Thus, it will not allow feeding the market appetite by allowing very high volatility like the others.

By making a currency more available promptly for always-increasing daily usages, this sustainability can only be achieved. TORG flourishes here compared to most of the other currency usages due to its briskness, hard security, trustworthiness and reliability, and TORG grows as well.

Why recently crypto investors are talking about TORG, and what is the speciality of TORG?

True to say, TORG has come to people’s sight due to its overwhelming success within a few days (less than 90) in the current market. It has gained huge profit within one month of its launch. Those who have invested in the currency at the released time have gained a big amount of profit.

Another reason is its full transparency. It has been claimed that no coin is stacked or preserved for anyone related to the TORG FOUNDATION, and only and only the users can control or make the decision about the currency.

Besides, it has been available for purchase via more than 15 wallet companies, including Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, BitMart, WhiteBit, HotBit.io, DigiFinex. It denotes the reliability of the utilimeme currency.

The TORG currency can be executed through exchanges, which allows you to buy and sell without any need for a bank account or traditional third-party service provider. The currency offers fast transactions and is decentralized making it hard to censor. Some of the biggest names in the crypto world are making sure that it’s a safe and secure place for you and your money.


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