Where Can You Buy Lotto Tickets On The Internet?

The Lotto game has always been a controversial game. Some parts of the society and the remaining part of the society consider it worth trying. As we have revolutionized our ways of shopping, buying groceries and medicines online. We also have options to buy lotto tickets online but even online lotteries are centralized like the traditional lotteries, here I would suggest you Decentralized lotteries because, in the decentralized lottery, things are very fair and transparent because it runs on a public blockchain. 

I went through a website called Tronsweep.com. So, it’s basically a gaming platform which provides a decentralized lottery which runs through a smart contract on a public blockchain, which means everything is transparent and winners are picked randomly without any human interference on a public blockchain. 

Let me outline a couple of differences between a regular Lotto and a Decentralized Lotto. In traditional lotteries the rule is very simple, if you win the prize then only you receive the money otherwise the amount you spent on the lotto ticket is zero. 

But on Tronsweep.com, apart from the lotto prize-winning players also received the dividend every week, so whether you win or not, you’ll be receiving an amount in both cases. So, it’s a win-win situation for lotto players. 

Players who are playing the Lotto game and staking LOTTO tokens are making around 10-12% guaranteed monthly returns, that too apart from lottery winning prizes which are up to (1500 TRX – 300 million TRX). You can calculate the lotto token dividend payout on https://tronsweep.com/dapp/stake/lotto.

How to Create a Tronlink Pro Account and Purchase Lottery Tickets

Playing the lotto game nowadays is as simple as clicking on your mobile screen. You can buy lotto tickets online by sitting in your own home on tronsweep.com. But how do you go further with it? Here are is a step-by-step guide on how to buy lotto tickets online, check below:


  1. As I mentioned before Tronsweep is a decentralized platform aka “Dapp” so, to access this dapp you’ll need to download Tronlink pro app (tron blockchain wallet) or if you wanna use it on your laptop, add the extension to your chrome browser.
  2. Create an account on the TronlinkPro wallet and remember to keep your mnemonic phrase safe because that is the only thing to restore your wallet if you lose it.
  3. After creating your account on Tronlink pro you’ll have to transfer Tron to your wallet from your exchange. Click on the receive button given in the centre of your wallet screen. You can copy your receiving address or simply scan the QR code.
  4. After receiving the Trons in your wallet click the discover section given in the icon bar at the bottom, search https://tronsweep.com/ in the search bar and hit enter. You’ll direct land on the home page of Tronsweep and your account will be created automatically.
  5. As you’ll scroll your screen you’ll see the lotto game, click on “play now” and you’ll land on the lotto game. Then enter the number of tickets you want to buy and enter your transaction password. As you’ll buy tickets successfully than lotto tokens will be added to your wallet which you can see in “stake lotto”
  6. Don’t forget to stake your lotto tokens because a dividend is distributed to the lotto token holders who have staked their lotto tokens. This dividend is distributed every week so keep your lotto tokens staked and enjoy your passive income until you unstake your lotto tokens.

Why Tronsweep Mega Lotto is Best Among Online Lotto Games 

Tronsweep is not only best among online lotto platforms but also in offline lotteries because Tronsweep has revolutionized the way of playing the lottery. People used to spend their hard-earned money on lotto tickets and the majority of them had to face disappointment because as we all know there are many selected number of winners in lotto but in Tronsweep the revenue which is generated after selling lotto tickets is distributed in the tronsweep community in the form of a dividend.

You can earn up to  10-12% monthly returns on your Tron investment by purchasing lotto tickets online on tronsweep. Besides that, you can earn referral income from it because their referral program is also very beneficial. You get directly 10% from your referral’s purchase amount and you’ll be getting it life-long whenever your referral will buy tickets in future and you’ll also be getting 2.5% – 1%  from your referral’s winning prize till 10 levels.


Finally, You will be receiving Tron (TRX) as a weekly dividend as your passive income. Whenever you purchase a lotto ticket you’ll get lotto tokens based on tickets each time, and you’ll receive the dividend based on the number of lotto tokens you have. So, the more lotto tokens you have the more dividend you’ll get.

Your every ticket is valid for all 6 Prize Pots (1500 TRX – 300 Million TRX ), if you have bought 100 tickets and you win in the 6th pot, which is guaranteed ( out of every 100 tickets 1 ticket is confirmed in the 6th pot ) So, your remaining 99 tickets will be valid in all remaining pots.


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