IDO Launchpad Development On Multichain

IDO Launchpad Development On Multichain

Development and compatibility across different avenues are the two of the few guiding principles of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Every part of the digital currency industry, from project development to IDOs, requires constant modifications to cater to the growing demand and expectations. To fulfill this expectation, the concept of multichain came into existence and now every vertical of industry in the crypto domain is working to integrate this concept. 

Moreover, the concept of Initial DEX Offering becomes more advantageous when integrated with multichain as it offers more diverse solutions. Multichain integrated crypto launchpads are the new instances of the crypto market as they lead to a better and more lucrative outcome for investors and project developers. This compatibility has also benefited the industry by boosting development. Before understanding the evolution of IDO launchpads on multichain, let’s understand crypto launchpads and their benefits. 

IDO Launchpads

One of the most common revenue generation models for any crypto project includes offering tokens as stakes to acquire funding. There are several ways in the crypto ecosystem to generate funds, with the most popular one being Initial DEX Offering. IDO has a plethora of features specially designed for the crypto market and offers advantages to investors and fundraisers simultaneously. 

The benefit of IDOs includes:

  • Token Listing
  • Instant Liquidity
  • Affordability

To avail of these benefits and conduct an IDO project, developers require a platform called crypto launchpads. The IDO is a source of stable fundraising, while the IDO or crypto launchpads are used to quickly host an IDO while enjoying various benefits. The launchpad validates the IDO projects by verifying the smart contracts, protocols, etc. and the requirement for launching the IDO. 

While there are several benefits of using an IDO launchpad, such as security, an interactive community and investors, faithless transactions, expert help, etc., the benefits are further increased with the help of multichain compatibility.

IDO Launchpad Development on Multichain

When we talk about chains, we are talking about blockchain networks, and the products or services are highly dependent on the networks the project is built on. The characteristics and features of an IDO depend on the chain itself. Today, the majority of the IDO launchpads offer multichain support such as Trustpad, DAO Maker, NFT Pad, etc. 

However, a new player has emerged in the market that offers multichain support and all the typical benefits along with the unique approach of the Proof of Attention model. AdLunam is the first NFT integrated Engage to Earn seed crowdfunding and IDO launchpad that utilizes a Proof of Attention model. 

AdLunam – Multichain and More

AdLunam is a multichain IDO launchpad that allocates tokens based on the participation and engagement of the investors and community members on the project’s social media channels. The more the users engage, the more they will earn points and rewards. Using this approach, AdLunam ensures fair and transparent token allocation and helps the project build an active and genuine community even before the launch. 

AdLunam fosters a non-zero-sum game environment for investors and projects to reward each other with the resources they have to get the resources they want. AdLunam is cultivating a platform that will increase the signal-to-noise ratio linking the project and investors. The project also enables unparalleled cooperation between the two stakeholders to help in the most seamless and lucrative launches. 

Powered by the $LUNAM utility token, AdLunam creates a win-win environment for the token investors and the community. AdLunam is one of the IDO launchpads at the pinnacle of development and will be helping in the growth and unrestricted progress of the crypto industry

To learn more about AdLunam, visit:

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